How to import and unpublished blog post?

In this page, we will talk about how to import an unpublished blog post into Bloggle, starting with publishing the post in Shopify, then importing it into the Bloggle Dashboard, and finally, how to unpublished it within Bloggle to make edits while keeping it hidden from clients.

How to import a Blog Post from Bloggle

You want to import in Bloggle an unpublished article? Here is how to do it.

1. Publish the blog post in Shopify.
Go to Online store --> Blog Posts --> Find the article you want to import in Bloggle and Publish it

2. Open Bloggle Dashboard and import your blog post
Note: It can take a few minutes for the article to be available in Bloggle

3. Once you are on the imported article, unpublished it in Bloggle.
Your blog post is now hidden for your clients and you can edit it in Bloggle

How to import a Blog Post from Shopify

Go to your blog post in Shopify > Click on More actions > Edit with Bloggle

Julien Mamalian