How to create Klaviyo HTML forms?

How to create Klaviyo HTML forms?

This guide will explain how to create a custom embed Klaviyo form to use in Bloggle articles.

Create a new Klaviyo form for the Bloggle app

1. Login into your Klaviyo account and click on "Signup forms"

2. Click on "Create signup form"

3. Filter the templates with "Embed" or create from scratch an embed form using the top right corner button

4. Select the embed form you want to work with

5. Select the Klaviyo list where you want your subscribers to be added in. Then click on "Create Form"

6. Update the blocks, styles, and behavior according to your needs

7. Click on Publish

8. Copy the HTML embed code and click on Publish

9. Use the HTML form to integrate Klaviyo with Bloggle. See how

Use an existing Klaviyo form.

1. In your Klaviyo account, go to Signup Forms and select the form you want to use

Note: You need to use an Embed form type.

2. Click on the Edit form button.

3. Click on the Targeting & Behavior tab.

4. Copy the HTML code in the Embed code section

5. Paste the code in the HTML input in the Bloggle integration page

Julien Mamalian